INTRODUCING: The 10 people transforming finance

As employee No. 17 at an electronic-trading platform for derivatives, Mazy Dar would walk around trading floors wondering why traders weren’t using his tech. The answers he got back — enterprise IT bottlenecks, security concerns, yearlong software cycles — sparked his entrepreneurial bug.

So when he left that job almost a decade ago, Dar set out to design what has become a new operating system for Wall Street.

Designed to sit one layer above a computer’s native OS, OpenFin is a platform where software applications can be deployed safely, seamlessly, and, perhaps most important, in today’s ever-changing world, quickly.

It allows traders and portfolio managers to begin using a collection of apps in a way that begins to look and feel like the experience consumers have come to expect from their mobile devices. “We want the experience on the financial desktop to feel more like our phones,” Dar says.

The tech is now deployed at 1,500 firms, including 15 of the top 20 global banks. And the startup is now building a digital storefront to make it easier to discover the hundreds of apps already available through OpenFin.

Above all, Dar says OpenFin is playing a leading role in bringing Wall Street workstations into the 21st century, eliminating the friction so human traders can focus on adding value. “We’re really trying,” he says, “to give people their time back.”